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Strand of Oaks w/ Christopher Denny - Tractor Tavern - Seattle

Back in 2012 we reviewed the recording of Strand of Oaks "Spacestations" from the Dark Shores album which is the foreplay to to his latest explosive album "Heal." The Album "Heal" has a "radio friendly" quality to it due to its catchy and addictive nature. Make sure to grab this album, it is salty and sweet; you can rock out and dance all at the same time.

Seeing Timothy Showalter aka Strand of Oaks headlining for his first time in Seattle to a sold out crowd was a night that is hard to forget. Every band uses the stage as an outlet, a personal therapy session, and punching bag but this show was an exhalation of relief and contentment. Catch Strand of Oaks near you!


Theres nothing like going to a show to see one band and discovering a new artist. We had the pleasure of seeing Christopher Denny open up for Strand of Oaks! The unique vibrato in his voice and and oldschool charm take you to a different time when things were simple. Although he didnt have a backing band his voice filled the room and held the crowd. Check out Christopher Denny on tour with Strand of Oaks until September 20th.


Cover Me // Strand Of Oaks, Damien Jurado and more

Covers are a difficult thing to do well.  The best pay tribute to an artist's work while making putting a unique stamp on it.  But even with the best of intentions, it can go wrong for a variety of reasons - too close to the original, too drastic of a stylistic change or just a poor song choice.  Here are four that I think got it right - great song, great performance:

Conrad Plymouth - Two Kids (Strand Of Oaks cover)

Strand Of Oaks - Ohio (Damien Jurado cover)

Damien Jurado - When I Light Your Darkened Door (J. Tillman cover)

J. Tillman - Roll Another Number (For The Road) (Neil Young cover)


New music: Strand of Oaks - Spacestations

Words // Scott Pingeton

Timothy Showalter is a man whose words are able to transcend time, space and the music by which they are delivered.  One of music's great storytellers and a songwriter who is constantly looking to evolve musically and expand the scope of his songs.  Leave Ruin was a dramatially personal album, and the music reflected the mood with fingerpicked acoustic guitars and hushed vocals.  The powerful and ambitious storytelling on Pope Kildragon was matched with a broader sonic pallette - louder guitars and more synths.  On "Spacestations", a new track recorded for my new favorite blog Shaking Through, the sound gets even bigger.  Piano, synths and effects-laden drums give the song a lush, immense sound and pop sheen that only serves to enhance the already-huge-sounding vocals - it's a song that totally envelopes you.  Listen below and watch a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the recording process...music geek porn if ever there was such a thing.

Strand of Oaks - Spacestations