Chase Atlantic - Neptune Theatre - Seattle, WA

From Sia to Silverchair, Kylie Minogue to Natalie Imbruglia, Australia has continued to produce artists and bands over the years who have raced into the mainstream in almost every genre there is. If the sold-out  Seattle stop on their global tour is any indication, it's likely just a matter of time until Chase Atlantic, one of Australia's newest musical exports, continues that tradition.

Readers of Visible Voice may recall the spotlight on the uber-talented Canadian artist LIGHTS earlier last year. Well, LIGHTS thought highly enough of Chase Atlantic to invite them on her global tour, which is pretty much the highest form of vouching there is in the music industry. Just as Muse is a three piece band that sounds much, much larger, the same can be said for Chase Atlantic's three member formation: somehow, they produce a sound that one would swear must have come from a band with a minimum of six members. 

Chase Atlantic's blend of catchy choruses with bass heavy alternative R&B over live drums - think Tame Impala mixed with The Weeknd - is a sure-fire recipe for success on the airwaves, Spotify, and the Billboard charts. For you Lyft and Uber drivers out there, prepare yourself to pass the aux chord to many passengers in the near future and be introduced to Chase Atlantic. 

Catch them on tour in support of their new album, Phases, here: 

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Preview: Capitol Hill Block Party 2019 

Get ready to bust out those vintage circle sunglasses and faded jorts: Capitol Hill Block Party 2019 is on it’s way.

The iconic Seattle music festival takes place July 19-21, dominating the Capitol Hill district with throbbing bass and sweet guitar riffs. This year’s lineup boasts over 60 artists, providing a tasteful mix of chart-topping pop, earth-shaking electronic producers, bedroom indie artists, and party prompting hip-hop.

Headliners include college party-anthem bass producer RL Grime, undeniably talented twerking flute legend Lizzo, and legendary psych-pop heroes Phantogram. More mainstage performances will come from rapper & PNW native Aminé, UK hitmaker’s Snakehips, electronic engineer Big Wild, and Indie anthemist Mitski.

We’re especially excited to see Lizzo, who’s chart topping song “Truth Hurts” from her 2019 album “Cuz I Love You” is set to be the song of the summer, and perfectly captures the carefree playful vibe of CHBP.

Denzel Curry, who’s acclaimed 2019 album “ZUU” has solidified himself a position of respect in the ever competitive hip-hop industry, will be a treat to watch as he warms up the mainstage for Jungle, Aminé, and RL Grime on Sunday.

The festival’s lineup runs deep, promising unmissable performances from the likes of pop-kings Peach Pit, garage dream-pop artist Still Woozy, New York multi-instrumentalist Vagabon, Seattle native soul-rockers Black Tones, and the Seattle post-punk band Tres Leches.

Prepare to dance your pants off.

Tickets and the full lineup/schedule are available at:

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Ceschi - High Dive - Seattle, WA

Ceschi is a bit of an anomaly. Some listeners label him rap, some indie folk, some indie folk rap shoegaze metal grindcore (probably). Others would be quick to tell you he defies classification, and that feels accurate when you take in his live show for the first time. 

Ceschi hit the stage at the High Dive in Seattle in support of his recently released album, Sad Fat Luck, with producer extraordinaire Factor Chandelier. Joining him on the bill were Fake Four Inc. label mates Dark Time Sunshine, as well as fellow musical anomaly Kimya Dawson. The lineup exemplified the diversity of sound which Ceschi’s music employs. In testament to just how loyal and attentive Ceschi’s fanbase is, there were a large number of folks in the crowd who were singing and rapping along to almost all of the songs from Sad Fat Luck - an album which had only been out in the public sphere a scant few weeks prior. 

Now, it’s one thing to be a virtuoso at rapping, and another to be equally adept at playing the guitar. It’s a whole other beast entirely to be fully at home on both, but that’s Ceschi for you. Stellar musicianship aside, it’s the soul-bearing, heart-rending lyrics that have earned Ceschi his own lane in the music world at large. Sad Fat Luck, especially in its live form, is an exploration of loss and grief and the search for brief respites of happiness and understanding set against a deceptively upbeat and beautiful soundscape. Many were the occasions where one song would have audience members head bobbing (“Sad Fat Luck”), while another would result in tears shed (“The Gospel”). It’s music that feels deeply and implores the listener to do the same.

See Ceschi live, buy the record, and support an artist whose music exemplifies the peaks and valleys that mark the topographical map of what it means to be human.

For Ceschi’s tour dates + music: +

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Murs (Feature)

Sustaining a 20+ year music career is something only a handful of artists achieve from their genesis. Even fewer are able to do so successfully across multiple iterations, groups, and record labels. When you couple those feats with an artist who put together one of the most iconic hip hop festivals and set a Guinness World Record for rapping for 24 hours non-stop, you’re left with one artist, in a lane entirely all their own: Murs. 

It’s difficult to adequately grasp and convey just how prolific, resonant, and diverse Murs’ career is to date. From a quick bird’s eye view, he co-founded the legendary indie hiphop supergroup Living Legends in 1996, is a member of 3 Melancholy Gypsies with high school classmates Scarub and Eligh, co-artist of the group Felt alongside Slug and Melorse with Terrace Martin, as well as the lead vocalist of the groups The White Mandingos and The Invincibles - and this doesn’t even encompass all of the various offshoots from many of these projects. 

He has been signed to major record labels (Warner Brothers) and stalwart indie hiphop labels (Def Jux, Rhymesayers, Strange Music). He put together the most insanely stacked hiphop festival, Paid Dues, for 8 years  running, which saw headliners like Wu-Tang, Kendrick Lamar, Mac Miller, Odd Future, Nipsey Hussle, Scarface, Joey Badass, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Mobb Deep, and…well, you get the idea.

Prolific. Resonant. Diverse. 

Despite such a storied career, Murs remains a bit of an enigma. Case in point: the official website to which his Facebook page points doesn’t exist, nor does his artist page on Definitive Jux (since the label shuttered years ago). This may partially be a byproduct of launching a career at the advent of the internet and before social media was a thing, but there’s no denying the influence the guy has had - and continues to have - across so many artistic avenues.

So it was an honor to attend a recent Sunday night show at Bellingham’s Wild Buffalo and see the man perform a set encompassing so much of his storied career. A career which, if his showmanship and performance that night are an indication, still has plenty left in the tank.

Keep up to date with Murs here and - in case that disappears - on Spotify.

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Lennon Stella (Feature)

For fans of the TV drama Nashville, Lennon Stella is already a household name (alongside her younger sister, Maisy). For those of us not familiar with the show, our first introduction to Lennon Stella will undoubtedly be forthcoming. With an exhaustive global tour underway, including an arena tour across the US in support of the Chainsmokers, it will only be a short matter of time before she hits the airwaves to the world at large.

Lennon grew up in a musical family (her parents are husband and wife duo, The Stellas), and it shows. At just 19 years-old, Lennon's pitch perfect vocals glide effortlessly over breezy instrumentals, with pop songwriting sensibilities that belie her age. The fact that she already sold out Seattle's Neptune Theatre bodes well for Lennon's future, and there's no question headlining arena tours are in her future.

Check out her tour dates , and catch a pop star in the making.


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The Faim - El Corazon - Seattle, WA

Seattle's El Corazon was the perfect place to see The Faim for the first time. Their sound has fingerprints of Seattle's grunge apex, and - while their sound is also reflective of the contemporary soundscape - one can easily envision them sharing the stage with bands of that era.

Hailing from Australia, The Faim have cultivated a loyal fan base across the world thanks to an extensive global tour schedule, as well as a string of singles co-written with some of pop-rock's heaviest hitters: Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz, blink-182's Mark Hoppus, and beyond. While working with prolific songwriters such as these helps to open a few doors, it's still up to the band to make their own name for themselves, to pave their own path. And The Faim do just that.

Their live show is kinetic and seasoned. A handful of sound problems were worked around with veteran ease, and the capacity crowd on hand - most in their late teens and early twenties - were engaged throughout. For those who are fans of Panic! at the Disco, Fall Out Boy, or blink-182, you'll find yourself right at home with The Faim. Live in concert is definitely the recommended way to hear them for the first time, and if you're already familiar with their music, it will only deepen your appreciation.

Catch them on tour here.


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The Dip - The Wild Buffalo - Bellingham, WA

It can confidently be stated that The Dip puts on one of the most fun live shows you're ever likely to see. Not only does their effortless blending of soul, funk, and 60's pop make their music preeminently danceable (if you need some convincing, give “Sure Don’t Miss You” a spin), these guys just know how to perform. 

Hailing from Seattle, The Dip are a seven piece band with charisma, showmanship, and talent by the boatload. It’s not often at a concert that one sees college kids dancing alongside folks who could pass as their parents and grandparents, but that’s what happens when they’re are on stage. It’s infectious music that gets into the bones and moves the soul, thus making it impossible - at the very least - to not toe tap, head nod, and finger dance.

As they continue their string of sold out shows across the country, you’re highly encouraged to check out their tour schedule, scoop up tickets for you and a group of friends, and just go have an incredibly fun time. 


The Dip were supported by opener - and fellow Northwest native - Laura Jean Anderson. If you haven’t heard her work, you should. If you’d like a musical reference think of Norah Jones, Tracy Chapman, and Janis Joplin all rolled into one. She’s phenomenal. Listen.


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Haelos - The Crocodile - Seattle, WA

Hailing from London, five piece band HÆLOS is a darkly ambient trip-hop group that filled The Crocodile to capacity. As they were sure to mention on stage, Seattle holds a special place in their story. It was at KEXP several years back that they recorded a full "Live on KEXP" session which - as of this writing - has well over 2 million views. This is how I, and many others, first heard about HÆLOS.

If you haven't checked out that performance, do, because it's a perfect representation of how amazing their live show is. Lotti Bendarout's vocals are equal parts angelic and haunting, effortlessly gliding over the ambient soundscape laid down by the band. Standout tracks like "Dust" and "Earth Not Above" were couched nicely between new material from their upcoming album Any Random Kindness

Encore track "Pray" left the sellout crowd buzzing after the lights went down. Were they to do a new KEXP session, no doubt it would surpass the views of the first as their music continues to evolve to exciting new places.

For tour dates:


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The Suffers - Tractor Tavern - Seattle, WA

I was first introduced to The Suffers in 2016, when they were the opening act for Lake Street Dive at the Neptune here in Seattle. Now, three years on, they've been criss-crossing the US and globe on a headlining tour, and it's easy to see how and why they've achieved such acclaim in a relatively short amount of time: they put on a killer show.

Hailing from Houston, the 8 member band - fronted by the extraordinary lead singer Kam Franklin - creates a dynamically fresh Soul sound. Imbued with brutally honest lyrics that at turns confront grief, the pressure to conform, and accepting one's flaws, the tracks can't help but make the listener want to dance, as they're always buoyed with uplifting arrangements. Give a listen to "Make Some Room" and "You Only Call" for a nice introduction, and then give their newest album "Everything Here" a spin from front to back. You'll be glad you did.

Tractor Tavern was a wonderful place to see the show, as the intimacy afforded by the 200ish capacity venue heightens the profundity of the songs. And, to be clear, The Suffers won't be playing venues of this size for long: they are destined for arenas in no time at all.

It's worth highlighting, too, Seattle local Whitney Mongé who opened the show. Whitney has a phenomenal stage presence and sound that fits well in the family of Tracy Chapman meets Macy Gray and Kimya Dawson. Listen.



Catch The Suffers on tour here

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