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K.Flay at the Showbox - Seattle

Fresh off her recent double Grammy nominations (for best rock song and best engineered album), K.Flay packed the Showbox in Seattle to capacity. Backed by a three man band, Flay put on an exceedingly energetic show.

The music was killer, and over the course of an hour and 15 minutes, spanned an ever growing catalog of hits. Blood in the Cut and Cops were two standouts, but the entire set of buttoned down, brutally honest tracks flowed together seamlessly.

All that's to say, the show would've been great based on the merits of the music alone, even if she decided just to stand still and sing. But it was clear she came to put on a show, as evidenced by her jumping off various heights of the stage, enthusiastically inviting two women on stage (resulting in a proposal!), and otherwise controlling the crowd like an absolute boss.

If you haven't heard of K.Flay, no doubt you will soon, as her star continues to climb at a breakneck pace. And if you have, well, you know that you need to see her in concert. Right now.

For more info, dates, and tickets, visit www.kflay.com


Photos // Words by Alexander Hallett


Daniel G Harmann - Showbox - April 17 (Preview)

Fastback Sessions


Thursday April 17th
@ the Showbox market
$15 in advance / $20 at the door

Spectrum, the Seattle RAW event, is a craft fare, fashion show, art exhibit, rock show all wrapped up into one. Live music, DJs, dancers, and so much more will fill Seattle Showbox for one night highlighting the best Seattle's art community has to offer.

One of those featured artist is singer/songwriter Daniel G Harmann. Harmann is a master craftsman of working class art. With the lyrical depth of Low or the Red House Painters, Harmann constructs “iceberg rock” as powerful as late 90s post punk, & as emotionally honest & deep as melancholy rockers Jimmy Eat World, Idlewild, or even Fugazi. Harmann's songs draw the listener in with their dark & smoky feel, while escorting you through life's landscape of pain & redemption in a way only a trusted friend can.