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Visible Voice Session with Lucius at the Neptune Theater

Anything that I could write here pales in comparison to the intense and chill inducing vocals of these two gals. Lucius graciously met up with us in the green room at the Neptune theater in Seattle for a session. Make sure you watch this video of "Dusty Trails" and catch them on their tour this summer!

Lucius - "Dusty Trails"

Video By Adam Richert

Photos by Alexander Hallett



Shakey Graves: Live at the Neptune Theater in Seattle, WA ***Newport Folk Festival Preview***

Those who experienced Alejandro Rose-Garcia first as Julie Taylor’s disappointing love interest on Friday Night Lights (Coach: not a big fan) were screaming “THE SWEEEDE” at Shakey Graves’ sold-out show last Thursday at The Neptune. Niche notoriety as an actor seems to have carried seamlessly to Rose-Garcia’s nu-folk stardom—there was a palpable feeling of adoration as he took the stage with just a guitar and makeshift kick drum converted from a worn Samsonite suitcase. Americana is embodied in every way—a Texas flag draped over a synth iconizes the band, jokingly named after an Indian ghost story.

The band is touring their second full-length album, And The War Came, joined by folk quartet The Barr Brothers.

There’s something immediately disarming about Shakey Graves. A lack of pretense, an easy presence, an intimacy with audience that feels both entirely earnest and derivative of a career in acting. I think fans experience an emotional resonance (or purely uplifted) with his sense of sheer joy—through changing sonic poles, he’s visibly, fervently transported. Dude’s here to have fun.

Shakey takes a mathematical approach to songwriting and a live set. The entrancement felt at his shows is intentional; Graves calculates a balance between very loud and very quiet, fast and slow tempos, so that the body and mind engage, leaning into the change. He knows when/how much the audience can accept a sad, slow song. The theater taught him how to read a crowd.

The effect is very much real: high-energy radio hits and soft ballads command almost equal attention. Shakey organically engages the audience. In “Chinatown,” he calls for a collective trumpet solo (see forgiving, endearing gestures of encouragement):

Drummer Chris ‘Boo’ Boosahda and guitarist Patrick O’Conner join Rose-Garcia mid-set, rounding out the one-man band.


Words//Video//Photo by Cassandra Croft

Photos By Adam Richert



Damien Jurado - “Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Sun” *Album Release*

Album release show on Friday 17 January 2014 at the Neptune Theater In Seattle, WA

Damien Jurado’s latest album, “Brothers and Sister of the Eternal Son,” finds the singer songwriter still ruminating in the despairing way listeners have come to know him best. “Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son” is a melancholic folk rock album that at times is ethereal employing 60’s inspired arrangements a la the Zombies, or the moody calling of Echo & the Bunnymen. The songs are also psychedelic, worldly and a little cinematic if that film were an early 1970s sci-fi film. That’s not to discredit Jurado’s work. Jurado himself has never made the same record twice, which is what keeps his songwriting so interesting. On “Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son,” Jurado still gives listeners something new while recognizing his work in the past.

Tracks like “Metallic Taste” and “Suns in Our Mind” are the poppiest Jurado allows himself to get musically. Though even at its bleakest moments the album’s songs still sink their hooks into you. “Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son” comes across more like a soundtrack than a strict album. Jurado’s narrative follows the singer/songwriter as he continues to seek out an identity and finds himself at a crossroads. We never really know what it is Jurado is searching for, though perhaps Jurado himself doesn’t know either. “I don’t think I could choose a side / sunlights, they’re not meant to shine” he sings on “Suns in Our Mind.” What we do know is that the raw emotions at play on this album pull on our narrator influencing each word he gives us and paints a shadowy portrait of his world.

As an artist, Jurado has kept his music interesting by approaching his songwriting on each album differently. On “Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Sun” Jurado once again teams with producer Richard Swift whom he last worked with on 2012’s “Maraqopa.” Jurado’s calls his latest effort a somewhat sequel to “Maraqopa” (look no further than the track “Return to Maraqopa”), but “Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son” is more than just part two of a great album. Jurado seems to finally be getting comfortable in his own skin, or, at least, he’s found a skin that fits well for now.

The album’s production is atmospheric and beautiful. The lyrics: honest. Swift accurately helps Jurado capture his dreamscapes in sound and renders them gorgeously bleak. It’s a sound that comes across, at times, cleverly nostalgic and contemporary (so accurately rendered is the world created on this record, it has Father John Misty gushing about it on SPIN). If this album is Jurado getting comfortable, then let’s settle in with him.

Words by Craig Robert Brown

Photos by Adam Richert

Album release show on Friday 17 January 2014 at the Neptune Theater In Seattle, WA

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Jim James - Neptune Theatre - Seattle WA

Jim James of My Morning Jacket just released his latest solo album "Regions of Light and Sound of God" and he is touring hard to promote it. Although this was his last show of the tour before Bonnaroo and the Newport Folk Festival he was in full force and looked like he was ready for more!  

Jim James is on another level as a musician. His stage presence is pure insanity and it is hard to predict what he is going to do next…but you know its going to be good! I am not going to lie… I wish I was Jim James!

Photos/Words/Video by: Adam Richert and 

Photos by: Adam Hawes::twitter:@Adam_Hawes