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Songs For Wednesday / Japandroids, Vacationer and more

Words // Adam Sharp

'The House That Heaven Built'- Japandroids
Noisy, brash, full of call and response shouting and a guitar line that makes me feel 15 again. There's not a lot to dislike.  (website)

'Broken Minds'- Northern Youth
A really well-executed, beautifully troubled anthem.  (website)

Northern Youth - Broken Minds

'Winter Solstice'- Cold Specks
An absolutely beautiful, breathtaking piece of work.  (website)

'Gone'- Vacationer
Fact: there can never be enough dreamy, shimmery pop songs full of handclaps and fingersnaps like this.  (website)

'Where I'll Be'- Horse Feathers
This is right around my 564th straight favorite new song from Horse Feathers.
website: http://horsefeatherstheband.com/


Songs for Wednesday: Damien Jurado, Portage and more

Words // Adam Sharp

Damien Jurado - "Working Titles"
You don't hear sad doo-wop very often nowadays. Or songs with lyrics that somehow improve with each passing, devastating line.  (website)

Damien Jurado - Working Titles


Portage - "Souls"
A little smoky, a little blues, a little soul- it's a recipe for goodness.  (website)


Horse Feathers - "Fit Against the Country"
I feel like this band could pump out a million songs like this without trying. I would love every single one. (website)

Horse Feathers - Fit Against the Country


Sun Kil Moon - "Si, Paloma"
Seems like everyone is a bit stressed (cabin fever? Valentines stress? work stress), so I think we should all just take a second and let this gorgeous piece of instrumental work calm everything in us down.  (website)

Sun Kil Moon - Si, Paloma 


Adam Arcuragi - "Port Song" (for Indie Ambassador TV)
There's something about the resignation and longing in this song that kills me every time through, and it's that much more profound when he plays it live. It's easily my favorite song on Arcuragi's brilliant Like a fire that consumes all before it...  (website)