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Songs for Wednesday: Damien Jurado, Portage and more

Words // Adam Sharp

Damien Jurado - "Working Titles"
You don't hear sad doo-wop very often nowadays. Or songs with lyrics that somehow improve with each passing, devastating line.  (website)

Damien Jurado - Working Titles


Portage - "Souls"
A little smoky, a little blues, a little soul- it's a recipe for goodness.  (website)


Horse Feathers - "Fit Against the Country"
I feel like this band could pump out a million songs like this without trying. I would love every single one. (website)

Horse Feathers - Fit Against the Country


Sun Kil Moon - "Si, Paloma"
Seems like everyone is a bit stressed (cabin fever? Valentines stress? work stress), so I think we should all just take a second and let this gorgeous piece of instrumental work calm everything in us down.  (website)

Sun Kil Moon - Si, Paloma 


Adam Arcuragi - "Port Song" (for Indie Ambassador TV)
There's something about the resignation and longing in this song that kills me every time through, and it's that much more profound when he plays it live. It's easily my favorite song on Arcuragi's brilliant Like a fire that consumes all before it...  (website)


Review: Adam Arcuragi & The Lupine Chorale Society at PA's Lounge, Somerville MA 2.3.12

Words and Photos // Scott Pingeton

It's all too rare that a record comes along without hype or expectations and completely knocks me on my ass, but that's exactly what happened with Adam Arcuragi's brilliant new album Like a fire that consumes all before it.  Devoid of posturing, pretension and "flavor of the month" veneer, the album shines in its simplicity - it's about the heart, the soul and the songs.  No more and no less.  Timeless soul infused folk, delivered with a fire-and-brimstone gospel fervor.  Quiet laments and calls to arms, both whispered and shouted for all to hear.  The band refers to it as "Death Gospel", and that works for me.  The best record I've heard so far this year.

Adam Arcuragi and his excellent band The Lupine Chorale Society stopped at PA's Lounge in Somerville last weekend as part of their nation-wide tour in support of Like a fire....  Arcuragi and band took the stage with little fanfare, quickly launching into folk rave-up "President's Song", but it didn't take long to overcome an unattentive crowd and awful sound system.  Arcuragi's voice filled the room and silenced conversations mid-sentence as he and his band worked through a 45 minute set that drew heavily from Like a fire... and included a brilliant cover of The Ronettes "Be My Baby".  The live show took on the same characteristics as the album - no bullshit, just great, passionate music.  The songs were fleshed out by The Lupine Chorale Society, a crack band consisting of drums, bass, keys and banjo/pedal steel that showed the power to carry the songs and the restraint to let Arcuragi's soulful vocals steal the show.

A fantastic show from one of my favorite up-and-coming artists - I was enthralled from the first note to the last.  I guarantee that they'll be playing a bigger venue next time they come through Boston and that it will be a show you don't want to miss.  Until then, get the record (on vinyl preferably...it sounds goood) and tell your friends.

I recorded the entire show, but thanks to a talkative crowd and weak sound system the end result isn't great.  Here's "Here Comes Everyone", one of the tracks that ended up being listenable.

Adam Arcuragi - Here Comes Everyone (Live at PA's Lounge, Somerville MA - 2.3.12)

And here's a great video of "Oh I See" from slyke25:


Adam Arcuragi - The Well + PA's Lounge Feb 3

Words // Scott Pingeton

Lately I've been thorougly digging Like a fire that consumes all before it, the third full length from Adam Arcuragi, due out on January 31.  Arcuragi, a Georgia native now based in Philadelphia, mixes Appalachian folk influences with soul, gospel and modern indie-folk.  These 12 songs that alternately recall hymns and call-to-arms and are sung with such conviction that you feel compelled to hang on every word, or sing along - whichever fits the mood.  I wasn't aware of Arcuragi's music until now, but I plan to dig deeper into his back catalog.  Listen to The Well below, a track that was recently featured on NPR Music's Winter Music Preview:

Adam Arcuragi - The Well

Adam Arcuragi will be at PA's Lounge in Somerville on Friday February 3 - tickets just $10 at the door.  Be sure not to miss this show, I'm guessing Arcuragi will be playing much bigger venues soon.