Visible Voice Session with Lucius at the Neptune Theater

Anything that I could write here pales in comparison to the intense and chill inducing vocals of these two gals. Lucius graciously met up with us in the green room at the Neptune theater in Seattle for a session. Make sure you watch this video of "Dusty Trails" and catch them on their tour this summer!

Lucius - "Dusty Trails"

Video By Adam Richert

Photos by Alexander Hallett



Matthew Logan Vasquez - Visible Voice Session 

***Newport Folk Festival Preview***

We met up with Matthew before his show at Barboza in Seattle for a very quick session that ended abruptly with an employee changing the bags in a trash can. Unpredictability is the beauty of doing impromptu, on site sessions. Matthew was very gracious and offered a bit of comedic relief during the songs “Personal” and “Halfcolt.”

The chorus for Matthew Logan Vasquez’s “Personal” sounds a bit like a Delta Spirit tune, with its sustained chords and thrashing guitars. But it’s chorus sounds, well, personal.

“Don’t you get it? It’s not personal. / I gotta strike out on my own,” he sings on his new record, Solicitor Returns (out now on Devil Duck Records).

Armchair psychiatrists could read into that as a portrait of an artist staking out a solo career in spite of popular success with his band. But as it turns out, the guy just writes a crazy amount of songs.

“We take Delta Spirit records really seriously, where we rebuild the wheel every time. We really want to make sure the next record is great,” he told NPR. “I’ve wrote all these other songs I’m extremely passionate about and had to release. The guys understood and they’re very nice to let me do it.”

With so much material to choose from, the album is surprisingly tight, nimble if a bit restless. The 10-track record is stacked with catchy tunes and crisp guitar, broaching a wide range of topics and timbre. “Everything I Do Is Out” is a grungy, sweaty stomp on what it means to be out of step with what’s cool. “I Bet It All” is a countrified Beatles B-side while “Bound to Her” smolders like a true-crime confession, sort of a sonic Nashville-meets-noir.

The constant amidst the swirling stacks of riffs remains Vasquez and his piercing voice. It might be his best instrument, which is saying something as Vasquez played nearly every instrument on the record. Passionate, fiery, with just the right amount of fray, it’s Vasquez’s voice that propels the records in its brightest moments like the eerie atmospheric album closer “Muerte Tranquila” and the aforementioned

“Personal”. Long a hallmark of Delta Spirit and Middle Brother’s finest moments, turns out it’s just as good on it’s own.



Photo/video by Adam Richert

Words by Brian Hodge


The Wild Reeds - Visible Voice Sessions - At the Triple Door

We met up with these lovely gals right before their show in the green room at the Tripple Door in Seattle. The Wild Reeds are a thresome from Los Angeles that can really wail! They have beautiful harmonies, a banjo, and a vibrant stage presence that keep you wanting more, what else do you need!? On top of all of that they were gracious enough to sit down and play a few songs for us:




Mutual Benefit returns with new single, tour

It was to our delight to get word of new material from Mutual Benefit, the sometimes sprawling collective or occasional one-man band helmed by Jason Lee. Their debut album Love's Crushing Diamond soundtracked much of the past two icy winters, with its glittering soundscapes and gentle melodies complimenting melting snow and dripping icicles. 

The first sounds from Mutual Benefit's new album are still gentle, but ultimately uplifting. "Not For Nothing," and its beautifully illustrated video, speak of the earnestness of the moment, the precious present. All of which portend well for the new album, Skip A Sinking Stone, due out May 20. If you can't wait that long to hear new material - and we don't blame you - check out the band on tour. They play Providence's Columbus Theater on March 13. Tickets are available here

Words by Brian Hodge


Wussy - at El Corazon / Funhouse

Seeing Wussy [Trio] at  El Corazon/ Funhouse) in Seattle Thursday night can be best likened to happily paying to watch your best friends rehearse. Chuck Cleaver (guitar/vocals), Lisa Walker (guitar/vocals) and John Erhardt (pedal steel/guitar) played their hearts out, and the audience opened their own hearts to them. If you’ve never heard of Wussy, they’re (usually) a five piece band and they describe themselves as “bridging the gap between The Band and Sonic Youth.” The Wussy [Trio] went on tour this month to promote their new record Forever Sounds (available March 4th), and they promised the full band will be back in Seattle this June.

With only three band members, Wussy couldn’t play songs like “Dropping Houses” from the new record or any of their signature loud, Sonic-Youth-style songs without Mark Messerly (bass, keys) and Joe Klug (drums). Before the show I overheard Chuck Cleaver saying “we’re gonna play the stuff that will sound good.”

This was definitely the quietest Wussy show I’ve ever been to, but also one of the most endearing. Wussy is always very open and honest when they’re on stage, and this show was no different. They told us after the first song that they hadn’t solidified their new arrangements before the show, and they were delightfully self-deprecating about it. At one song break as Chuck Cleaver was tuning his guitar, Lisa Walker joked that that was new for them. Their self-deprecation combined with the gorgeous yearning in their harmonies and hilariously poignant lyrics like “Ever since I was young / I’ve expected to die” from “Hello I’m a Ghost” off of the new record will make you fall head over heals for this band.


Words by Sophie Pattison


Single Release: Kris Orlowski - "Walking in my Sleep"

Kris Orlowski is ready. 
Our phone call is happening hours earlier than scheduled, squeezed in while he's still in Nashville. He's busy writing songs while seeing a growing circle of friends and industry contacts. He offers to step outside where it's quieter but I can hear him just fine. 

His new album, Often in the Pause, is due out in April (PRE ORDER NOW!) and the first tune “Walking in my Sleep" sounds like a departure for the Seattle-based singer-songwriter. There’s more of a rock-radio polish to the production and an unmistakable upward trajectory. He still displays the disarming voice and knack for melody he showed on Believer (2014), but with aims for larger audiences. 
“It’s exciting, but it’s kind of scary,” he says of the record, which will consist of 12 songs from varying genres, all revolving around life and it's carousel of transitions. “The album's really close to our hearts. It's a bit of a different me, but I'm excited about it." 
And it sure sounds in his voice. Be sure to take a listen to his new single below, and check out his interesting covers of "Halo" (Beyonce) and "Nice Work if You Can Get It" (Gershwin) as well.
Upcoming Show Dates: 
1/28 – Green Frog, Bellingham, WA 
1/29 – Yakima Sports Center, Yakima, WA 
1/30 – The Bartlett, Spokane, WA 1/31 – Caffè Mela, Wenatchee, WA 
2/3 – White Eagle, Portland, OR 
2/4 – Sunset Tavern, Seattle, WA 

2/5 – Sunset Tavern, Seattle, WA


Words by Brian Hodge

Video by Adam Richert


Kris Orlowski - Visible Voice Session - *Christmas Special*

Hello Everyone!

We would like to wish you a merry Christmas and happy holidays from your friends at Visible Voice.

If you have not heard Kris Orlowski we would be honored to introduce you to his untroubled sound that sneeks up on you like theif in the night.

Kris stopped by for a little special edition Christmas session that will surely put you in a festive spirit. We will be doing another video after the new year in support of his up and coming album. In the mean time listen to his current album Believer and enjoy this spirited session.


Kris Orlowski "Maybe this Christmas" from Kitchen Sessions on Vimeo.



Heather Woods Broderick plays Providence

Happy Monday. If you’re looking to bust out of the suddenly-dark-at-4:30-doldrums, consider that powerful panacea live music. Even though it’s a weeknight, music lovers should consider popping in to tonight’s show in downtown Providence featuring Heather Woods Broderick.

Broderick is perhaps best known for her work in Sharon Van Etten’s band, but her sophomore album Glider is worthy of acclaim in her own right. Featuring clever production (which will be fascinating to see live) and smooth vocal harmonies, Broderick distills life from new veins, striking out in unexpected musical directions while never veering too far off course to lose its cozy center. Check it out tonight at Aurora, one of Visible Voice’s favorite live music venues in Providence.



The David Wax Museum - Visible Voice Session

 We have been following the progression of The David Wax Museum for many years now. Their success lies deeply in their genuine, whole hearted dedication to their fans and highly energetic talent. I have a true respect for hard working artists who put everything into their craft; I've never met a harder working set of artists than David Wax and Suz Slezak.
The band’s latest single “Guesthouse” from their new album also called “Guesthouse” is based on their experiences touring and staying with friends and family in cities across the country. They have stayed with us in the past and they couldn't be more gracious of guests.
We were able to catch up with The David Wax Museum right before their show at the Tractor Tavern in Seattle. They played a little session for us in the small and dark green room. Please enjoy!

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