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P.O.S. - at The Crocodile in Seattle, WA

When people talk about "paying dues" in the hip hop community, they're usually referring to opening as a local for touring acts for a few years, cultivating a nearby fanbase, slowly expanding outward geographically, and supporting other artists - all vital aspects of a lasting rap career. But there is paying dues and then there are P.O.S. - born Stefon Alexander - dues: a 16 year career of tireless work ethic, collaboration, exhaustive touring and recording...and both kidneys failing, 4 years ago, in the midst of it all. 
After a successful kidney transplant and recovery, P.O.S. is back on the road, his live show more powerful than ever. That's dedication. That's perseverance. That's part of what makes P.O.S. one of the most revered and respected artists of any genre. 
His set list at The Crocodile spanned much of his catalog, including cuts from Audition, Never Better, We Don't Even Live Here, and his new opus Chill, Dummy. It was cohesive, powerful, lively, reflective, and just a flat-out great show, as every one of the head-bobbing, jumping, hand-raised fans at the sold out show would attest. It was epic.
I'd be remiss if I didn't mention openers Dwynell Roland and SIMS, as well as DJ Fundo. Supporting acts don't get much more polished than these, and it's no wonder P.O.S. hand-picked them to head out for his first headlining tour in years. 
Get out. See a P.O.S. show now: http://www.doomtree.net/pos/
SIMS and DJ Fundo are also touring Europe soon. Catch shows here: http://www.doomtree.net/SIMS
Photos // Words by Alexander Hallett