Delta Spirit live at Northeastern AfterHours 4.8.10

Over the last 1-2 years, I have probably seen Delta Spirit more than any other single band.  I've seen them as opener and headliner, Upstairs and Downstairs at the Middle East.  I saw them at Bonnaroo, playing a rescheduled set with borrowed gear while torrential rain and tornados (or at least a warning) raged outside the tent.  Each time I've seen them, they have been significantly better than the previous time.  With lots of new material in tow - new album History From Below is scheduled for June 8 release - the band played by far the most unusual show I have seen in some time last Thursday at Northeastern University.

The venue, AfterHours (which is on the Northeastern campus), leaves a bit to be desired - it has the ambiance of a Starbucks.  Literally -- there was a Starbucks at the back of the room.  There was no mistaking this was a college student center, not a rock club.  The crowd was somewhat thin, maybe 100 people total, and much less liquored-up than I expected out of college students on a Thursday night.  However, Delta Spirit took the stage with the unmistakeable presence and energy of a band that knows what they're doing -- mocking "it's been our life's dream to play at Northeastern".  They proceeded to rip through a mix of new tracks in addition to more well-known favorites from their debut, Ode to Sunshine -- People C'mon, Trashcan, Strange Vine, etc.   

Bushwick Blues and 911 (dedicated to Howard Zinn) were both standouts among the consistently-excellent new tracks.  White Table starts slow and builds to a raucous climax of cymbal crashes over a military march, before fading away again.  Ransom Man is a slow-burn murder ballad of-sorts that ends with a cacophonous freakout.  Vivian, a tender, soulful ode to singer Matt Vasquez's late grandmother might be the most beautiful song in the Delta Spirit catalogue. A cover of Tom Waits' San Diego Serenade was the perfect segueway into Trashcan, which rocked as hard as ever despite no appearance from the trashcan lid.  Motivation, an unreleased track described as "the first song we ever wrote", closed out the show on a high point. 

The hour-plus set left me in awe, yet again - Delta Spirit continues to deliver every night.  Check out the full recording from the show below, along with an excellent video of San Diego Serenade > Trashcan (video cuts out towards the end of the song, full memory card...). 

Delta Spirit
AfterHours at Northeastern University
Boston, MA

Bleeding Bells
Bushwick Blues
Strange Vine
White Table
People C'mon
Ransom Man
St. Francis
San Diego Serenade* > Trashcan

* Tom Waits cover

Video:  San Diego Serenade > Trashcan




New music: Movers & Shakers "Movin' On"

Boston's Movers & Shakers meld soul and punk into their roots-rock sound.  On record, horns, three-part harmonies and organ flourishes create a sound reminiscent of The Band - but live, the songs take on a grittier sound.  Throughout their solid set opening for Delta Spirit at Northeastern's AfterHours club I couldn't help but draw Replacements comparisons, with more anthemic, fist-pumping choruses.  These are songs designed for larger stages. Check out the band's myspace here.

New track from their split-7" with The Cold Beat:

Movers & Shakers - Movin' On

M&S open for Reigning Sound at TTs on June 18, be there


New music: Golden Ages remixes Surfer Blood

Philly's Golden Ages has remixed Surfer Blood's Twin Peaks, definitely worth checking out.  The remix is a bit slower and more chilled-out than the original -- perfect for those sticky-hot days that await us.  If you dig this, check out more on their myspace.

Twin Peaks (Golden Ages remix)

Golden Ages is at HMS Putnam on Saturday


Free Futurebirds EP

Futurebirds, a septet from Athens GA, write earnest folk-rock songs with plenty of harmonies and then drench them in reverb - sounds like most of my favorite bands.  Yes, recommended for fans of My Morning Jacket, Fleet Foxes, et al.  If you aren't already sold, the band is giving away their great EP gratis --  go here and get it or, click below to stream one of the tracks:


FYI - Futurebirds will be at TTs on May 16 with Jessica Lea Mayfield


Upcoming shows: Wilco, Low Anthem, Delta Spirit + lots more!

If it feels like there has been a lull in the barrage of live music hitting Visible Voice, that's because there has been.  With a week of no shows on either side of a week-long trip to California, there hasn't been much music to post.  That changes in the next few weeks.

The visible voice crew will be hitting up a bunch of killer shows over the next few weeks, and for most of them, there will be live recordings, video and/or photos hitting the site.  Over the next 3-4 weeks look for exclusive live content from:

David Wax Museum
Movers & Shakers
Delta Spirit
Titus Andronicus
Kingsley Flood
The Low Anthem
Timber Timbre
Josh Ritter
The Morning Benders
SASQUATCH Music Festival
Reigning Sound
...and more


New music: Kingsley Flood - Dust Windows


Kingsley Flood's fantastic debut Dust Windows was officially released today - this is a release to take note of.  Dust Windows is a cohesive, consistent album of folk pop gems -- smart songwriting and brilliant execution.  Appalachain and country instrumentation pops up throughout - banjo, mandolin, fiddle, pedal steel - and at their heart these are true folk songs.  But the songs also reflect a pop immediacy that makes this album incredibly easy to listen to - elements of 60s pop, 80s college rock and modern indie rock round out those folk and country melodies, making this the type of album that will appeal to a broad audience.  The nearest songwriting touchstone I can make is Josh Ritter or Being There-era Wilco - but I also hear The Avett Brothers, The Band, Nebraska-era Springsteen, Townes Van Zandt, the list goes on and on.  Finally, the album sounds fantastic - nice production, sounds like the band is in your living room.

If it wasn't obvious, I LOVE this album.  You need to buy it - I'll even provide a link to make it easy:  Amazon

The band has graciously made a few tracks available for free download:

Cul de Sac
Roll of the Dice
Cathedral Walls

The entire album is streaming on the Kingsley Flood website


Lissie covers Lady Gaga (Bad Romance)

Wasn't planning to post anything tonight, but I stumbled across Lissie's cover of Lady Gaga's Bad Romance and HAD to post it.  This cover makes two things obvious:  Lady Gaga is a truly talented songwriter and Lissie has an amazing voice.  Kudos to Lissie and band for this killer arrangement...sounds fantastic. 

Mp3 for stream/download + video below:

Lissie - Bad Romance (Lady Gaga cover)



New music from Harlem, "Hippies" now streaming

"Hippies", the upcoming album from Harlem is streaming now on their myspace.  Go get it


Harlem is @ Great Scott on April 25


New music: Beach Fossils

Summer is coming and you know what that means - time to dial the reverb up to 11!  Daydream, the A Side on Beach Fossil's recent 7", is bouncy pop in the vein of Real Estate and Holiday Shores.  Desert Sand, the standout B Side, takes more of a plodding psych take on the beachy/reverb style.  If Daydream is for the exciting ride to the beach, Desert Sand is perfect for the lazy, exhausted drive home.

Beach Fossils - Desert Sand