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New music: St. Claire

You know that fuzzy feeling you get when you find a new song or band that completely blows you away on first listen?  Well, I got that feeling last night when I stumbled onto St. Claire's myspace page and heard tracks from their upcoming debut Everyone Lives Here.  Really excited to share this with everyone. 

I really don't know much about the band beyond what's on their myspace, so I'll just focus on the music.  Emily Forsythe's sultry voice takes these simple, dreamy folk songs to a another level - the result is completely mesmerizing.  While the vocals are what drew me in, these are truly great songs - full of lush melodies and smart lyrics.  Layers of harmonies, background vocals add depth, while banjos, glockenspiel and snare add texture  -- and that's just The Simple Things, which the band has graciously allowed me to post for stream or download:

St. Claire - The Simple Things

The band's debut record Everyone Lives Here is out later this summer - and they'll be celebrating the release of the record July 8 at Great Scott with Hallelujah The Hills, Mr. Sister and Sleepy Very Sleepy.  Get tickets here.  I won't miss it.

Check out more songs from the upcoming Everyone Lives Here on myspace, as well as fantastic covers of Neil Young's Round and Round and John Lennon's Love.