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Recommended: John Shade


The fantastic debut from John Shade, All You Love Is Need, is an album that deserves attention.  The songs are musically simple, which allows the beauty and heartbreak of the lyrics to shine through.  Shade (not his real name) is a deft songwriter and lyricist, and his pop sensibilities are apparent.  The arrangements are mostly sparse, but are highlighted with strings, horns and percussion that give the songs life.  Also, this record sounds great - really nice production.  The entire album is available for free - or whatever you want to pay for it - here.  Get it now.

I had such a hard time choosing which song to post, I decided to post three (hope that's okay!).  Little Heart and So Long, Theresa are heartbreaking and beautiful.  I Hate The World... is a bit more uplifting.  All are great.

Little Heart
So Long, Theresa
I Hate The World (And Everyone In It)

John Shade has 2 weeks left on his 3 week residency at Lizard Lounge - get tickets here.  Great openers as well - Vikesh Kapoor opens 5/11 and Jocie Adams of The Low Anthem opens 5/18.  Tickets only $5!