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Your favorite live recordings of 2011

Words // Scott Pingeton

One of my motivations in starting VV almost two years ago was to share live recordings from some of my favorite bands.  Growing up I would collect as many bootlegs as I could - from Dylan to Springsteen to The Replacements to Ryan Adams - and there's something magical about capturing the intensity and intimacy of a live performance.  Especially if it's a souvenir of a show you saw live.  Here are the five most popular live recordings we shared in 2011...

#5 Middle Brother: Paradise Boston MA 3.3.11

Middle Brother - Million Dollar Bill

"As a perfectly-sloppy version of "Twist and Shout" capped-off over three hours of music, I couldn't help but think how lucky I was to be able to see this band live."

Download the full set


#4 The Wooden Sky: Lizard Lounge Cambridge MA 11.11.11

The Wooden Sky - Oslo

"The reason I started Visible Voice was to share the music that I believe in, and there is no better example than They Wooden Sky.  A sold out Lizard Lounge is a start, but they are are destined for much bigger things"

Download the full set 


#3 The Head And The Heart: Royale Boston MA 9.30.11

The Head And The Heart - Lost In My Mind 

"At times I was taken aback by the response, and the band seemed genuinely surprised as well.  In any case, I've never seen a crowd at Royale so enthusiastic"

Download the full set


#2 Lady Lamb The Beekeeper: Brighton Music Hall Boston MA 4.14.11

Lady Lamb The Beekeeper - Aubergine

"As Aly Spaltro bared her soul to a room full of strangers, we exchanged knowing glances and eyebrow raises - we were witnessing something pretty special.  A jawdropping set from a rising star."

Download the full set


#1 Jeff Tweedy: State Theater Portland ME 3.26.11

Jeff Tweedy - Via Chicago

"The acoustic setting puts Tweedy's songwriting in the spotlight - stripping densely-produced songs to their bare essentials."

Download the full set


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