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The Zombies with Liz Brasher at The Neptune - Seattle 

The list of musical groups that release a monumentally influential album, break-up a few years later, reconvene decades later and still go on tour and sell-out venues is incredibly short. In fact, it can likely be narrowed down to one name: The Zombies.

Now well into their 70s, the four surviving original members - joined by one new member - hit the road to commemorate the 50th anniversary of their legendary album, Odyssey and Oracle. Granted, that album predates many of you who may be reading this post, but it’s a near guarantee that many of your favorite artists and bands were heavily influenced by it. So, a tour was in high order.

One wouldn’t be blamed for thinking The Zombies could have easily phoned in the performances on this tour. (After all, we’re now fifty years removed from the release of that classic.) But the truth is, they performed with craftsmanship, showmanship, and energy that far exceeds most groups half their age. Classics like “She’s Not There, “Hold Your Head Up”, and “Time of the Season” were well couched between more contemporary cuts from Still Got That Hunger and Breathe Out, Breathe In. The sense in the audience that everyone was viewing living history was just and deserved. Bravo, gentlemen.

It’s also imperative to note the opener, Liz Brasher. Wow. Talk about one of the most raw, powerful voices that many people have yet to hear. If you haven’t heard of her, you should check out her Outcast EP, especially if you’re a fan of Amy Winehouse or Patsy Cline, or women who can sing like crazy and completely shred on the guitar. It’s a guarantee she will become a household name soon enough. She and her band are lightning in a bottle.

Photos // Words by Alexander Hallett

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