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The Dip - The Wild Buffalo - Bellingham, WA

It can confidently be stated that The Dip puts on one of the most fun live shows you're ever likely to see. Not only does their effortless blending of soul, funk, and 60's pop make their music preeminently danceable (if you need some convincing, give “Sure Don’t Miss You” a spin), these guys just know how to perform. 

Hailing from Seattle, The Dip are a seven piece band with charisma, showmanship, and talent by the boatload. It’s not often at a concert that one sees college kids dancing alongside folks who could pass as their parents and grandparents, but that’s what happens when they’re are on stage. It’s infectious music that gets into the bones and moves the soul, thus making it impossible - at the very least - to not toe tap, head nod, and finger dance.

As they continue their string of sold out shows across the country, you’re highly encouraged to check out their tour schedule, scoop up tickets for you and a group of friends, and just go have an incredibly fun time. 


The Dip were supported by opener - and fellow Northwest native - Laura Jean Anderson. If you haven’t heard her work, you should. If you’d like a musical reference think of Norah Jones, Tracy Chapman, and Janis Joplin all rolled into one. She’s phenomenal. Listen.


 Photos // Words by Alexander Hallett of Sattva Photo

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