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Favorite Albums of 2011 10-6

10. The Shivers
More reads like a series of vignettes with a common theme of love.  Or, more specifically, lost love.  A musically diverse batch of songs that draws on soul, garage and a little electro-pop, but all with a gritty NYC edge. 

The Shivers - Irrational Love

9. David Wax Museum
Everything Is Saved
On Everything Is Saved, local favorites David Wax Museum deftly marry influences as diverse as Mexican son jarocho, american folk and klezmer.  A deeply personal and joyous record.

David Wax Museum - Born With A Broken Heart

8. Wilco
The Whole Love
The Whole Love shows off the band's impressive range - but this is no Wilco-by-numbers genre exercise.  The songs push creative limits and show that as the band isn't ready to start coasting yet. 

Wilco - Art of Almost

7. Fleet Foxes
Helplessnes Blues
Fleet Foxes' 2008 debut thrust them onto the national spotlight as poster childs for the new wave of folk.  Helplessness Blues proves that their success was not a fluke.  Rich harmonies and reverby vocals remain, but the lyrics seem a bit more personal.

Fleet Foxes - Montezuma

6. Gillian Welch
The Harrow & The Harvest
The Harrow & The Harvest was a long time coming.  8 years after her last release, Gillian Welch returns with another set of timeless folk songs.  It was well worth the wait.

Gillian Welch - The Way It Goes



Free Summer Mixtape