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Album Review: The Leadership - Frontiers

It was a few weeks ago that I first heard The Leadership's excellent debut Frontiers.  I was scouring my iTunes library, submissions from bands/publicists and other music blogs to find new tunes for the Spring Mixtape when I somehow found myself on the band's bandcamp page.  Opening track "Keep The Change" earned a spot on the mix, and the whole album has been in heavy rotation ever since.

"Keep The Change" starts as a subdued shuffle before a wave of distorted guitars enter for the chorus and Jonathon Childers' voice rises to a raspy roar.  For the most part, The Leadership take sonic cues from no-frills country and blues-rock - two obvious touchstones are fellow Illinois bands, Uncle Tupelo and (early)Wilco.  "Thank You" and "Cocaine" both have a Stones-y swagger and "Aluminum Man" bounces along on a shuffling country beat.  "Bring It Back (to the Beginning)" lets the band stretch their legs, starting as a whisper and steadily building to a soaring guitar solo.

I've really been digging Frontiers, honestly I've listened to it at least once per day for the last couple weeks.  Nothing too complicated - just solid songs and great hooks.  Check out the first two tracks below, and head to the band's bandcamp page to get the rest for just $6.

The Leadership - Keep The Change
The Leadership - Thank You


Visible Voice Spring 2011 Mixtape

The ground is starting to thaw and the air is getting back that moist smell of mud and life.  Spring is (almost) here.  We made it.  Now here are some tunes to help you shake off the lingering effects of hibernation...

My music listening habits tend to follow seasonal trends and, true to form, in Spring my musical palette expands to embrace the vibrancy of the season.  Lush pop sounds and grand statements are what I gravitate towards, and you'll see that reflected in the Spring Mixtape.  Following the arc of spring, Side A is alternately anthemic and introspective and Side B is a blast of pure summery fun. 

Comprised of almost all brand new or unreleased songs, there should be something new here for everyone.  Enjoy the tunes, let me know what you think in the comments and please share with friends! 

Side A

Southeast Engine - New Growth (from Canary, out 3/29 - preorder)
Apache Relay - Home Is Not Places (from American Nomad, out 4/12 - preorder)
The Leadership - Keep The Change (from Frontiers - buy)
The David Mayfield Parade - Blue Skies Again (from The David Mayfield Parade - buy)
Thousands - MTSES III (from The Sound Of Everything, out 3/21 - preview)
Daniel Lefkowitz - Death Is A Warm Bath (from Wilder Shores Of Love, self-released)

Side B
Cults - Go Outside (from Cults 7" - listen)
The Veils - The Stars Came Out Once The Light Went Out (from The Troubles of The Brain - listen)
Mean Creek - Sunlight (from Hemophiliac - buy)
Thick Shakes - Go Back To New York (from Why Buy the Cow 7" - free download)
We Can't Enjoy Ourselves - Put Your Blue Dress On (from One Belongs Here More Than You - free download)
Yuck - Get Away (from Yuck - buy)