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Joe Fletcher - Tractor Tavern -Seattle, WA

Joe Fletcher is ordinary. By that I mean, he’s an everyman, a troubador that blends into the background (at least until he’s called up to stage - at that point, he usually steals the show). His Instagram feed is essentially a travelogue that highlights the human condition, reflecting an essence of Americana that cannot help but bleed into his music.

 We caught Joe before his show at the Tractor Tavern in Seattle. He treated us to the Townes Van Zandt song, “Blaze’s Blues”, a song written about his close friend Blaze Foley. Fletcher faithfully replicates Van Zandt’s urgency, with the added effect of his own earthy affectations.

 There’s a line in there that says “I ain’t headed down this highway all alone.” Thankfully with Fletcher, we’re all along for the ride.


Joe Fletcher - "Oceanside Motel" - Newport RI

We met up with Mr. Joe Fletcher from Joe Fletcher and the Wrong Reasons in Newport, RI for a Visible Voice session. He pulled out his guitar and with the first strum he broke a string... Fortunately Kingsley Flood was standing by to loan their guitar.

Joe Fletcher has a cool factor and general swagger that translates into every song he plays. Despite the windy conditions, Joe was kind enough to perform "Oceanside Motel" from his up and coming album "You've Got the Wrong Man". 

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Video // Words// Adam Richert

Photos // Joy Asico // Web Site  and Twitter