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Genreless Abomination - A two night event at Substation in Seattle

Live music is one of the healthiest risks you can take. It's a gamble on any given night in a city as culturally and musically diverse as Seattle. Often times the hardest part is choosing which show to see, and thus which show to miss. The Genreless Abomination is a celebration of this multi-faceted gem. Over the course of 2 days 14 bands with a variety of sounds will gather together in one place, along with their supporting communities to celebrate this distinct, vibrant place. Rather than attempting to showcase bands in order of skill level, and popularity, the two nights shows have been curated by music writer Sean Jewell like a mixtape, ranging in moods, sonic experimentation, and styles to create a listening experience different from the average live show.

Music will take place continuously, alternating between two separate stages, mixing sounds and crowds of supporting listeners with the hopes that attendees will come for one thing and discover another. $10 gets you in at the door, every penny you pay goes directly to the bands. 
Here's what you can expect, and here's a Genreless Abomination Compilation album to listen along:
  • Guayaba: Bremerton via Olympia eccentric, personal, and powerful hip-hop force fka Aeon Fux. Guayaba's album Black Trash, White House personifies genrelessness, ranging from hip hop to r&b and spanish folk.
  • Taylar Elizza Beth: all in your feels hip hop & r&b. She writes lyrics and invents character voices in which to rap them, she's so self aware she forgets the crowd is there.
  • Falon Sierra: 2017 R&B queen, and Sound Off! finalist, who we're told will have new material to croon Saturday night.
  • Corespondents: Balkan based big beat bar-of-soap album releasing bazaar of virtuosos, divining psych and surf and dancehall through common electric guitar and not so common vietnames dan bau.
  • Double Or Muffin: Smart like Devo, sexy like Stooges, smart ass Seattle rock. They don't even have an album out yet and don't give a damn if you don't like that. If you've been lucky enough to see them around town then you know, you have to see them at this show.
  • Barry Walker Jr.: Portland based pedal steel player best known as a member of Roselit Bone. His 2017 self-titled album mixed field recordings, folk songs, and a spirit of death. Saturday night he's bringing a full band that may well answer the question "What if Townes Van Zandt had played in The Band".
  • The Salt Riot: Seattle alt-rock power pop power trio led by Julia Vidal, classically educated violinist who has put down the bow and picked up electric guitar. 
  • Wild Lips: Gritty insurgent country verging on Replacements punk from this drum and guitar duo of dudes regarded as "fucking loud".
  • The Crying Shame: Seattle's best kept country and western seven-piece secret. Led by husband and wife Arlan and Lucile, The Crying Shame combines the timeless lyricism one might find in the Smithsonian Archive, with the disheveled, disillusioned rock of Old 97's early aughts good alt-country.
  • Roselit Bone: "Like Marty Robbins meets The Cramps, or a Goblin sountrack to a spaghetti western, ranchero fantasy meets greased up country in a magical reality", wear your leathers, and dose accordingly, this huge, haunting band will play the vihuela at the apocalypse, also known as the closing of The Genreless Abomination on Saturday night.
  • Ben Zar: We are so stoked to have the improvised Guadalajaran exotica of Ben Zar on tour all the way from Mexico. He's played with locals like Correspondents and Ben Von Wildenhaus before, and as a bonus members of Bainbridge drone-age heavy-hippies WEEED will be joining him in the band.


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 Words by Sean Jewell