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Songs For Wednesday: Alabama Shakes, Wilco and more

Words // Adam Sharp

Yellow Ostrich - "Marathon Runner"
Well, kids, looks like we have 2012's first certified jam right here. It's got an odd rhythm, angular guitars and by far the catchiest chorus I've heard through the first month of the year. (website)

Yellow Ostrich - Marathon Runner

Bhi Bhiman - "Guttersnipe"
It's rare that a young songwriter can take an almost 7 minute long song about a wandering, lonely street urchin and turn it into an enjoyable, engaging listen, but that's exactly what Bhi Bhiman, and that magnificent, rich voice, has done. (website)

Bhi Bhiman - Guttersnipe

Alabama Shakes - "Heavy Chevy" (Live at Stubbs)
At this point I don't even know what to say about Alabama Shakes. They are just too damn good at rock & roll. Keep this in mind: 'Heavy Chevy,' which is a blistering little number, doesn't even appear on their forthcoming debut album. (website)

Wilco - "Cars Can't Escape"
You know those perfect songs that hide in the depths and clutter of your iTunes library? This was one of those for me. Hopefully that doesn't happen again. (website)

Wilco - Cars Can't Escape

Dr. Dog - "Lonesome"
As ramshackle, messy, bluesy songs go, this is pretty much perfect. (website)