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Ravenna Woods - Kitchen Sessions / Visible Voice Exclusive

Walking into Ravenna Woods’ Seattle house/practice space/recording studio was pretty surreal. We quickly realized that this was not a house at all, it was a creative dungeon. It was a place to eat, sleep, drink, and produce music.

The band welcomed us to catch a glimpse into their jam session. We first started to roll the cameras in a bedroom on the top floor where they had never played before. Although the band sounded great we decided to relocate to their basement (practice/recording space). The basement was draped in rugs, posters, and various trinkets that made it feel less “cold”, it was clearly the beating heart of the house.  While the band is fairly laid back, lead singer and guitar player Chris Cunningham is a driving force of intensity that bears his dark side throughout his lyrics.

Their much anticipated album The Jackal is available November 12! It is a true representation of the band’s balanced sensibility. The Jackal is perfectly produced to exemplify the purity of their sound, which is refreshing in a time when music is being ransacked by computers and producers who want to leave their “mark.”  

Ravenna Woods has their album release show on Saturday November 16th at Neumos in Seattle.

Video // Kitchen Sessions & Visible Voice 


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