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Pickathon 2019 Preview

We all remember our “firsts”. You only get one! First love, first time you heard a particular song, first time driving a car, first time living on your own... Most things become repetitive or ritualistic but the first time will always stay with you.

This will be my first time going to Pickathon. For various reasons I haven’t made it in the past but this year is the year! I don’t know exactly what to expect or where to go when I get there… and I’m not going to lie… I am kind of nervous.
Not only is it my first time but I am a parent now so I am bringing the family along! One major attribute that I frequently hear about Pickathon is it’s family friendly nature. My goal is to see what that means as a person with a toddler trying to balance the festival experience with having a kid along for the ride.

It may sound like I am over dramatizing a music festival but these are the places where you hear a band for the first time and make memories with your friends and family. I think it's important to stop and take it in. You will never get it back.

Stay tuned! If you dont have your tickets yet it's not too late. Get them here!

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