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New music: The Wooden Sky - "Angelina"

Words // Scott Pingeton

It's a mystery why The Wooden Sky are not massive.  While folky bands like Fleet Foxes, The Head And The Heart and Dawes make their ascent into the pop consciousness, The Wooden Sky continue to operate in relative anonymity.  Sure, the Polaris Prize-nominated band might not be total unknowns in their homeland (Canada), but stateside it's a different story.  Case-in-point, the only time I've seen them live was at an empty Rosebud in Somerville.  No offense to the Rosebud, but The Wooden Sky should not be playing there.

I consider the band's previous LP "If I Don’t Come Home You’ll Know I’m Gone" a masterpiece.  Check it out.  Now the band is back with a new EP and a full-length on the horizon - maybe 2012 will be the year of The Wooden Sky?  I hope so.

Check out "Angelina", a new track off the EP below and head to itunes to grab the whole thing.  Well worth the download.

The Wooden Sky - Angelina

The band is back in Boston at Lizard Lounge on November 11 and there is no way I'm missing it.  See you there?

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