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New music // Great Elk - "The Weight Of The Sea"

Words // Scott Pingeton

I don't remember the last time I actually read a PR email.  99% get automatically filtered, immediately deleted or sit in the purgatory of my inbox forever.  One sure fire way to get me to read about your band is to compare yourselves to My Morning Jacket and Band Of Horses.  Great Elk's email did just that, I read it, I clicked through and I heard anthemic vaguely rootsy rock that sounds perfect for a long drive through some kind of desolate or majestic landscape that doesn't really exist in this over-populated part of the country.  The New York-based band hails from Alaska, which is exactly the kind of place that desolate and majestic landscapes exist.  Their debut album Autogeography is out May 22, but you can stream the whole thing at their bandcamp page.  Listen to "The Weight Of The Sea" here...

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