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Jon Russell - The Head and the Heart

By Adam Richert

Head and the Heart’s Jon Russell at the All Pilgrims Church in Seattle left the audience fulfilled in the soul with his understated enthusiasm. Everyone that was sitting in a pew felt as if there was a secret being told and only we could hear it. Jon admitted during the show that this was the first time in a long time that he was actually nervous to perform even though it was normally second nature for him.

During the performance he sat down at his baby grand piano to play a song that he had not quite honed. With a piece of ripped paper set in front of him with the lyrics written in marker he began to sing…then began to sing again…and again until it was right. After the show I asked him the name of the song that he had played on the piano and he said that he had not thought about what he was going to call it yet. But after some time of thinking about it he decided to call it “Texas Swing.” I’ve decided to leave in the beginning of the video where he is trying the song out a couple of times because I think it shows a little bit of vulnerability and thoughtfulness that you rarely see from a musician of his caliber.




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