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New music: Peter Wolf Crier "Inter-Be", live review

Peter Wolf Crier at Great Scott in Allston (6.14.10)

Peter Wolf Crier is just a duo, but they make a very big sound.  Their debut record Inter-Be, recently re-released by Jagjaguwar, has totally knocked me out.  At the core these are organic folk songs influenced by early rock n' roll, soul and Phil Spector's wall-of-sound - the lazy comparisons are M. Ward or Bon Iver (especially considering Peter Pisano's bell-clear falsetto).  However, drummer Brian Moen's dynamic percussion shares the spotlight here, adding another dimension to these songs.  Like The Dodos and Local Natives, rhythm is at the forefront - adding texture and propulsion to the songs.  Enjoy the first two tracks off of the fantastic Inter-Be here:

Peter Wolf Crier - Crutch and Cane
Peter Wolf Crier - Hard As Nails

Before Monday's show at Great Scott, I was curious how the duo would be able to pull the songs off live.  When the pair opened with Crutch and Cane the answer was obvious - the songs sounded even better live.  More intensity, percussion even more upfront, and an incredibly layered sound made possible by bass pedals and vocal looping.  Don't miss Peter Wolf Crier when they open for Heartless Bastards at the Middle East on July 17. 

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